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Weldtite sponsor Team Strawberry

We've been very lucky whilst training and preparing for this challenge. The generosity of those helping us continues to make us very grateful.

Next time, I’ll just sponsor them

I used to ride regularly in my early to mid-teens and then I sold my bikes to buy a car. Back then I could ride all day without an ache or pain in sight. Fast forward circa 20 years and things are not quite so easy.

Training Video Diary #4

Dom and Stu do their best Chuckle Brothers act, Dom punctures without a clue how to fix it and James and Stu visit Lincolnshire...

Training Video Diary #3

Mother Nature causes havoc, Jen goes to the gym and James, Dom, and the two Stu's break the 50 mile mark for the first time.

Racing on the A1079!

So, after 6 weeks of a shiny new bike sat in the Strawberry offices last weekend saw me finally get out on my Planet X machine!

James Video Diary #2

The second entry from James' video diary... and the first time out on the bike.

No biscuits and no beer - what have I done?

They say that pain is just weakness leaving the body. I didn’t realise just how weak I was until I picked up the training for this challenge. It seems that years of pen pushing and keyboard tapping have taken their toll!

I look like a wannabe WWF wrestler!

The challenge of biking to London and back is starting to sink in and it’s clear that it’s going to take one big effort from the team to complete it.

A great cause but a crazy idea!

I'm having to ride to London and back and it's all my fault. Yes, this thing started off as my idea and whilst training has started, we now need to get a bit more serious…