I look like a wannabe WWF wrestler!

I look like a wannabe WWF wrestler!

The challenge of biking to London and back is starting to sink in and it’s clear that it’s going to take one big effort from the team to complete it.

Over the 7 weeks since we started the training thing’s have progressed nicely. The first few weeks we were getting to know the bikes, finding our correct bike setup and getting our muscles used to the intense workout they'll be receiving. Since then we have pushed on and each week is getting increasingly harder.

One thing that has really become important is a good solid cool down and stretch at the end of the sessions. I play Football most Mondays and more often than not we finish up and head straight home not doing any stretches and I know over the next few days I pay for it. At spinning, Stu has shown us the correct way of stretching off which really helps minimise the aches and pains the next days. As we are going to be doing four straight days in the saddle, this along with eating is going to really help us get the challenge done!

Another thing that has taken a bit of getting used to is the tight clothing. Even though I expected it would, it still took me 5ish weeks before I had the bottle to actually wear my first bib shorts (basically padded cycling shorts with shoulder straps) but once I embraced them I have not looked back. Even though I look like a wannabe WWF wrestler, I’d rather wear them and look stupid just for the extra comfort they bring, especially when we are going to be in the saddle for upwards of 9 hours each day! I have a feeling these will be my best purchase in the long run...